How to Create Your Best Selling Jewelry Product

How to Create Your Best Selling Jewelry Product

January 27, 2017

My wife and I were about to leave for a wedding last fall a few days before a new collection launched. When she was about ready to go, I gave her one of the new necklaces I created. I was excited to see how people would respond to it, since it hadn't been released yet. As she put on The Rouge we realized something wasn't right. Although she loved it, it didn't work with the dress she had on. "If only it was a shorter necklace, or a Choker, it would work perfect." she told me. I was bummed, I thought she might wear it anyway... later she told me she wouldn't have worn it. I felt like I screwed up and missed something big.

Then, the idea hit.


It may be obvious to you by now, but it wasn't for me in the moment. "Why don't you just make this necklace into a choker?" My wife asked. I took the necklace, grabbed my tools, and started working. After a few minutes and a few tweaks, she loved it and wore it to the wedding. While we were there, she got tons of compliments! At that point we knew that simple innovation was turning into an opportunity! We launched a few days later and sold out almost all the chokers we made. We recently just released our second choker in stainless steel.  

Stainless Steel Choker

I kind of wonder what would have happened had my wife not suggested that simple tweak... Not only would it be a missed opportunity, we wouldn't have learned lesson! My wife understood that all it took was to change my thinking and an opportunity came about. Instead of pouting that one of my designs didn't work, why not create a new one? Isn't it interesting to think of all the opportunities around us? How easy is it to look at a situation from a negative lens and scratch our heads? I wish I could say all situations were like this one, but I can't. I know I have to celebrate the wins and learn from my losses. Even when success is an accident, let it remind you that opportunity is all around. We just have to change the way we think.




For those who needed to see the photo from the wedding...

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