Jewelry FAQs

What does "Wear The Story" mean?

Wear The Story is a phrase that captures the why behind the brand. Each one of our products has a story, it may be from a historic place, be made with a material of significance, or be super rare. When you wear your piece of jewelry you are wearing a story around you with you. 

How do you get these rare materials?

That's one of the coolest parts of the process... and one of the most challenging. When we are looking for a story, it usually takes months of research, phone calls, meetings and trips before we gather the material. So far, we have found people involved with the story who have a connection to the material. We want to fully understand what makes the material special, how many lives were impacted by this story, and what details we should know before we tell the story to the world. 

Are your products one of a kind?

Our jewelry is handmade and while our artisans are extremely talented and there are quality control checks to ensure consistency with production, the sizing, coloring and shape may vary from product to product due to the handmade nature of our pieces.

How should I care for my product?

Please treat and wear your jewelry with care. Protect jewelry from sharp blows, extreme temperatures, sunlight, and rough or hard surfaces. Jewelry should not be submerged in water as this may altar the texture or change the appearance. We recommend that customers remove jewelry before going to bed, swimming or showering, and when participating in physical activity. Wait until you’ve applied your make-up, perfume and hairspray before putting on your jewelry. If your jewelry tarnishes, we recommend using a sunshine cloth or another jewelry cleaner! 

Is what you do legal?

Yep! Every time we gather a material we make sure to get the permission of the owner of the material to not only make products, but to market them. In addition, we always notify the local DNR office whenever there are pieces that work with natural resources. If there are any permits or fees involved, we always make sure they're covered. 

How do you make the pieces?

Each piece is different. Generally we start testing things until we can come up with a feasible production process. We have a team of contractors that help with the process, but at the end of the day I am the one crafting the feature material into the beads, pendant, or charm. Things like cutting and stamping are hired out to save time, but for the most part it is me along with a few close friends who hand make each product right here in Minneapolis, MN! Hooray for Made in the USA!

Can you make me a custom piece?

Depends what it is! We get inquiries all the time and sometimes it's a no, other times it is a yes! Head over to the custom work page and send us an email!

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