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Gather #1

Gather #1

What makes Urbain unique is that we gather the raw materials we work with ourselves. Since we've started we've traveled thousands of miles to find materials from underground mines, the bottom of rivers, and historic sites.  Don't worry though, we get all of our materials legally!


Refine #2

Refine #2

There is a reason most makers don't gather their own materials. The rare materials we use are incredibly difficult to work with; but, that hasn't scared us! By using tools like files, drills, chisels, and saws we are able to turn the rugged materials into usable pieces!



Handcraft #3

Once the pieces are usable, we combine them with metals like stainless steel, sterling silver, antique brass, and 14k gold. These beautiful chains, clasps, and tags give the natural look an elegant finish. Be ready to get asked where your pieces are from, but don't worry, you'll have an answer.  



I started Urbain in my hometown of Minneapolis, MN at the beginning of 2016 with the goal to combine my love for fashion and history. On my own, I had no idea where to start, all I knew was I had a dream. Since then, we established several local partnerships to create the best products and processes. I am so excited for the journey and cannot wait for you to Wear the Story. - Logan Ketterling, Founder

Logan Ketterling


Our purpose is to inspire... The goal at Urbain is to create products that tell the amazing stories of the men and women who have gone before us. We want these products and stories to inspire you to go to places you've always dreamed. Start writing your story, the story your grandchildren will dream about, the stories that inspire others to be better, and do more. This life is so short; make the most of it. Join us as we Wear The Story!

Efes Sizing Guide

Bracelet Sizing Guide

Necklaces: One Size

Chokers: 12" - 15" (Adjustable)