Giant Killer

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  • The Giant Killer is made using stones from the Valley of Elah, the same valley where David killed Goliath. As the story goes, David gathered smooth stones from the brook on the valley, and used them to kill the giant, Goliath. We gathered the stones from the exact spot this battle happened thousands of years ago. We hope you wear this as a reminder that you were made to beat any giant that comes in your path!

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The Stones

What makes Urbain unique is that we gather the raw materials we work with ourselves. The stones used in this collection (limestone) were gathered by our team on a historical trip through Israel in late 2016. In addition to gathering the materials, our team also handcrafts all of our pieces in the U.S.A. (Minnesota to be specific)

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- Story Card

- Care Instructions

- Social Media Card

- Linen Jewelry Bag

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Necklaces: One Size

Chokers: 12" - 15" (Adjustable)