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  • Rouge; a brownish-red oxide produced when iron ore is heated. This paint like pigment can easily be mistaken for blood and coats the stone throughout the manufacturing process. In the late 19th century, prospectors in northern Minnesota discovered extremely rich veins of hematite, often containing more than 65% iron. The Soudan Mine began operation in 1882, and moved to underground mining by 1900. By 1912 the mine was at a depth of 1,250 feet. When the mine closed in 1965, level 27 was being developed at 2,341 feet below the surface and the entire underground workings consisted of more than fifty miles of drifts, adits, and raises. This iron ore was mined in the mid 1900's, before the mine became a state park, and can no longer be collected due to the protection of the mine. The material was retrieved from the Korpi family on our trek up north to discover the deep history of The Range. Watch the Film
    1. 23" Curb Chain
    2. Handmade Hematite Pendanth
    3. Engraved Urbain Tag
    4. Trigger Clasp

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