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"The Giant Killer" 

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"The Range"

In the late 19th century, prospectors in northern Minnesota discovered extremely rich veins of hematite, often containing more than 65% iron. The Soudan Mine began operation in 1882, and moved to underground mining by 1900. By 1912 the mine was at a depth of 1,250 feet. When the mine closed in 1965, level 27 was being developed at 2,341 feet below the surface and the entire underground workings consisted of more than fifty miles of drifts, adits, and raises. This iron ore was gathered in the mid 1900's, before the mine became a state park and can no longer be collected due to the protection of the mine. This rare material is the source of our newest collection, The Range.

"The Mill that Changed the North"

In the autumn of 1838 Illinois lumbermen David Hone and Lewis Judd arrived in the St. Croix River valley. Attracted by the area's abundant forests, they selected this site to build a sawmill and named it after their hometown, Marine, Illinois. Less than one year later on Aug. 24, 1839, the Marine Lumber Company became the first commercial sawmill in what was to become the State of Minnesota. 

 In 1885 a huge log jam, tornado damage and a low-water summer combined with the strains of a bad economy caused the sawmill to close. By 1895, after a few years of intermittent operation, the mill closed permanently. Today what remains are portions of the stone engine house and large wheel dating from 1873 as well as the stream that powered the mill.